The WaterInnEU Marketplace is a market led innovation platform that screens the most relevant products and services for River Basin Managers and accelerates their uptake through targeted dissemination and support services.

The platform seeks to bring together all elements of the river basin community including researchers, SMEs, industry and public bodies in order to achieve better exploitation and market translation of EU funded tools and improve implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

How to use the platform

Products & Services

  • The platform provides detailed information on a selected number of screened products, together with supporting material and case studies, and relevant contacts for further communication.
  • Matchmaking: a range of services are available that seek to enhance communication between organizations offering products which are relevant to river basin management, the potential users of these products, and service providers which can support implementation.
  • Organisations: the river basin management supply chain, including product developers, consultancies and end users.
  • Success stories: examples of how the platform and its matchmaking services has been used to successfully find and implement products for more effective river basin management.

Take a course

Integrated participative e-learning is available for specific tools to enhance rapid uptake and delivery.

Join us

There are a wide range of activities open to the WaterInnEU community.
  • You can express interest in a product or add your own experiences;
  • add a new product or organisation;
  • make a request for implementation support or respond to a request;
  • contact an expert;
  • start or join a discussion and sign up to alerts.
    • Join us now! You can make the difference in the uptake of better tools for more effective river basin management.

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