The e-learning platform provides detailed courses on a number of the products that are featured on the WaterInnEU Marketplace. The courses are aimed at those interested in implementing the tools or simply understanding them in a little more detail.
Each course contains a clear structure which enables users to repeat sections of interest or skip to particular elements. Courses contain a variety of accessible and interactive materials including presentations, videos, exercises and quizzes. A few of the courses require some basic prior knowledge – where applicable this is indicated in the course description.
Each course is completely free. Please register first on the WaterInneu Marketplace and then for the specific course of interest.
Users can then access and explore the materials at any time.

Skill Exchange and mentoring

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This sections provides access to a list of external platforms and websites with content of interest for decision makers, public and private users and other stakeholders involved in river basin management. In particular, they include mechanisms to share knowledge and exchange ideas.


IMPACT Toolbox

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This course will support you in using the features incorporated within the IMPACT Toolbox. It consists of a range of introductory and specialized material, including a full user guide.

IMPACT contains a combination of remote sensing, photo interpretation and processing technologies within a portable and stand-alone GIS environment.

This is a specialized course and it is recommended that users have a basic background knowledge of remote sensing.


GuidosToolbox - GIS and Classification Tool

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This course will give you the basis to work independently with the free software GuidosToolbox. It includes reading and video material covering some of the background theory behind the software and a practical guide to the features available.


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 This course will enable you to design and implement your own survey, using AquaSurvey. It contains reading and video tutorials incorporating information on survey design, delivery and analysis, and covers use of the tool from both desktop and the mobile interfaces. 

Aquasurvey enables users with no prior experience to collect geographical data within the framework of a well-designed survey, and to integrate the results into GIS or statistical software applications. 

WEISS - Water Emission Inventory planning Support System

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This course will support you in understanding and implementing the features offered by WEISS. It includes background theoretical information and practical tutorials.

WEISS is a sophisticated software package for the analysis of both point and diffuse emission, incorporating both the geographical distribution of emissions sources and the modes of transport to surface waters.