Interoperability Pilot

RiBaSE (River Basin Standards Interoperability Pilot) is an Interoperability Pilot running into WaterInnEU project for demonstrating how current ICT-based tools and water data can work in combination with geospatial web services. This experiment aims to assess the efficacy of OGC standards for describing status and dynamics of surface water in river basins, to analyze their applicability and to increase awareness of emerging hydrological standards as WaterML. A short description of the RiBaSE design is available in a presentation from the Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2016.
This Forum’s thread aims to collect different opinions in:

  • the adaptability of common spatial standards to water applications
  • the best suitable connection between them
  • the specific characteristics for the engaging of the WaterML in a general geospatial framework.

Any kind of contribution on these issues will be very welcome.

There is a paper that decribes the approach taken and the archiecture that has been implemented in the River Basin Interoperability Pilot: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1762/Pesquer.pdf. The alerting component was implemented as a self-standing publish-subcribe component that folllows the recently published OGC Publish-Subscribe standard allowing users to subsribe for points of interest. If these points are within an area that is affacted by a flood, a notification is sent.

Please note that this pilot is apparently the first approach to implement the recently published OGC Publish/Subscribe standard and to evaluate its usage for publishing results provided by OGC Web Processing Services (WPS). Has anyone else experience with using OGC Pub/Sub?