Matchmaking and Support Services

The primary goal of the WaterInnEU Portal is to facilitate matchmaking between organizations offering products which are relevant to river basin management, the potential users of these products, and service providers which can support implementation (for example via adaptation of software for use in a specific river basin).

We have a range of services available that seek to enhance communication between these groups by supporting product developers in the dissemination and commercialisation of their innovative products and services, and by ensuring that end users and service providers can access and implement those products.

To join or search our automatic matchmaking service, go to Service requests and offers.

For bespoke support and advice, go to Ask the Expert.

This is an automatic matchmaking service that allows you to communicate specific problems or solutions.

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Latest Updates

Please fill in a support request if you would like help with any of the following. One of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

  • Finding an appropriate product: help with product filtering and evaluation
  • Finding a supplier or consultant: help with identifying the type of support organisation that would fit your needs
  • Bringing a product to market: we provide a range of bespoke services that are tailored to the development phase of your product. These range from producing promotional material and disseminating to targeted audiences to supporting development of strategic plans, review of your value proposition and development of E-learning materials
  • For technical support: please use the Contact/Helpdesk button below

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The following events are anticipated to be of interest to those seeking partners or support organisations for the development, commercialisation or implementation of products.